Food As Medicine Award

From: Make a Difference Ball

To: Ethel Richards

The FOOD AS MEDICINE AWARD is a testament to your incredible efforts, unwavering commitment, and the significant impact you have made in our community.


The Make a Difference Ball is an event that celebrates individuals and organizations who have gone above and beyond to contribute positively to our community. Your work embodies the spirit of change and serves as an inspiration to us all. This is not just a recognition of your past achievements but also a spotlight on the potential of what you can further accomplish.

Here's what several people shared who nominated Ethel Richards for this award:

"Before coming to NUNM, Ethel had already been helping her community with personalized lifestyle changes and nutrition education for over 20 years. During her final year at NUNM, she is hosting a podcast, doing outreach in her community, and has published her first book!!"

"Ethel Richards deserves the Food as Medicine Award for her profound commitment to integrating nutrition into personal and professional practice. Her journey in the MScN program at NUNM highlights a transformative engagement with nutrition, not only in academic pursuits but also in personal health optimization. Her dedication to evidence-based research and application of nutritional insights to improve health outcomes exemplifies the essence of the "Food as Medicine" principle. Richards' proactive approach, including the use of dietary analysis tools and micronutrient testing, showcases her deep commitment to embodying and advocating for nutritional wellness, making her a deserving recipient of this award."